Summer is here!

Hello everyone! Lately, India’s weather has been great! Its so good that you want to abandon every task and assignment you had, to lay on your bed with the AC blowing cool air, to just dry the sweat thats been sitting on you for the past few hours. I repeat, its so good that a person like me who never took a nap in the afternoon is forced to sleep for 4 hours because of the lethargy and exhaustion brought about by the heat.

So May’s bullet journal spreads have the theme – Summer. It doesn’t represent summer entirely with watermelons, ice-creams, beaches, etc, they’re fairly simple spreads that highlights the colours of summer. I have used yellow, orange, white, pink, and blue. If you have better colours then go ahead and use them.

Things you will need for these spreads
Bullet Journal/Weekly Planner
Acrylic Paints
Black Markers (preferably artist pens)
Paint brushes

Multicolour crayons

Now that you have the supplies, all you need to do is to make the spreads as below:

The Cover Page

May cover page

To be honest I would describe this page as a child’s drawing. I acknowledge that my drawing skills are not that good but I hope you can draw better than me and make it look way better.


Habit Tracker

Habit tracker

This is my Habit Tracker. Its pretty self-explanatory. For those of you who don’t know how to use this spread, you simply draw a dot on the day you completed the mentioned habits.

*Tip: I have left four grid spaces from all four sides to make the rectangle in the center.*

Mood Tracker

Mood tracker

This too is a2 very simple spread. Each box is 5 grid spaces. You just need to fill each box every day with the colour that corresponds with your mood for that particular day.

Brain Dump

Brain dump

This is the spread where you jot down your ideas and impromptu activities you want to do. I sometimes use it to plan out birthdays, ideas for gifts and recipes that I think will work.

Weekly Spread

may weekly spread

This is my favourite spread in this months spreads. To make the watercolour splotches, all you have to do is take a little colour on your brush, dip that brush in water and then paint in shapes that aren’t either completely a circle or a square. Make sure not to use too much water, otherwise the paper may tear on the other side.

So with that our May’s Bullet Journal spreads are complete. Before the beginning of the next week make a new spread, like the weekly spread, but with a different colour that matches the entire theme of May.

If you make these spreads then don’t forget to send them to me or tag me in your IG / FB posts.


By Jane

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