5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up right around the corner, we often have to overuse our brain to think what we should get our mothers. Now whatever you give your mother, she will naturally say, ‘Darling, thats the perfect gift!’ But have you thought about what she actually wants? Maybe its time to think about it. For those of you who still don’t know what to gift your mother, here are 5 things you can give her.

1. Bake Something for Her

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A cake or a cupcake could be the perfect gift. If your mother likes assorted breads then you can also bake her a loaf of her favourite bread.

2. Books

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A cookbook is the best thing to get your mother who loves cooking. If your mother happens to be an avid book lover maybe you could get her a special edition of her favourite book.

3. Wrist Watch

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A wrist watch/fitness watch is for those mothers who love to exercise. For all the yoga moms you could give them a yoga mat.

4. Plants

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Instead of getting her a bouquet of flowers, that dies in a day or two, maybe you could get her a flower plant or plants in general that she could grow and remember that the plant is from you.

5. Paintings

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If you know how to paint then you could paint a perfect picture for your mother.

Now whatever you get your mother she will be happy with it, but I suggest that along with your gift make sure to add a personal note like a handwritten letter or a card. I am sure that this will make your mother more happier.


By Jane

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