Cry a Little. Cry a Lot

Have you ever read a book that has left you in tears or it had such a twist that it left your mouth agape for sometime? Some books have certainly left me like that. That’s the magic in the story and in the hands of great authors.

There are some books that have made me cry for several days whenever I thought about them. These books don’t look like they could have a storyline as such but when they do, they shake you to your core. Here is a list of 7 books which have made me feel the aforementioned feelings.

1. No Guns at my Son’s Funeral

A brave story, never told in such a raw form, this is reality fiction at its most real” –THE ASIAN AGE

Written by Paro Anand, the book is about a young teen boy living in Kashmir. Aftab, the protagonist, lived a double life. A bubbly teenager at day and a terrorist at night. The story is set in Kashmir, where the state is in constant fear and danger of militants from the neighbouring countries, infiltrating the state.

He kneels next to the body. ‘Akram Bhai,’ he can barely get the words out from his tear-choked throat. Akram Bhai. The crowd leans in closer. And Aftab, with tears blinding his eyes, finds the button and draws the string. Just as Akram Bhai has taught him.”

“There’s no time for him to get away.”

2. A Monster Calls

Twice Carnegie Medal Winner, Patrick Ness writes this extraordinary tale of truth, healing and mischief. The initial story was the idea of famous writer Siobhan Dowd who didn’t have the time to finish the book before her demise. The story is about a young boy, Conor O’Malley, who sees the same nightmare since his mother fell ill. It is about how he owns up to the fact that he cannot see his mother dying and will not be able to save her.

‘Shut up!’ Conor shouted. ‘Help me!’ Here is the truth of Conor O’Malley. And his mother was screaming.” “And she was slipping.”

3. Thirteen Weddings

This is a story of unrequited love which eventually turns into a sweet love story. Bronte is a photo editor and a part time wedding photographer who falls for Alex. He too works at the same institution she’s got a job in. However, she soon discovers that he is engaged and she is hired for his wedding. It’s the wedding scene that is so exceptionally emotional.

4. Son’s Of Fortune

Jeffrey Archer, known for his mystery and thriller novels, has excellently written this book about a set of twin brothers who were separated at birth and they lead completely different lives from each. One goes to a humble home with a school teacher and an insurance salesman and the other goes to a multi-millionaire’s house. As they grow up their characters turns out to be very similar. They both cross each other’s paths several times but they don’t discover their reality until one has to go through a major life and death situation.

“Nat walked across the room and pushed open the bathroom door. For a moment he remained transfixed as he stared up at his son. He then collapsed on to his knees, unable to get himself to look up a second time, although he knew he would have to remove Luke’s hanging body so that it wouldn’t be the last memory Su Ling would have of their only child.”

5. Jane Eyre

One of my favourite books, Jane Eyre is a must read for everyone. Charlotte Bronte creates a very simple yet powerful character in Jane. Her story is a sad one from the beginning. She didn’t have a pleasant childhood and even when she found happiness and love in the arms of Mr. Rochester, we soon discover his sort-of betrayal to her. However, the most heart-breaking part of this novel is the ending.

He was taken out from under the ruins, alive, but sadly hurt: a beam had fallen in such a way as to protect him partly; but one eye was knocked out,”

6. Rapture

This book is the thrilling conclusion to the international bestsellers Fallen, Torment, and Passion. Rapture sets the fate of Luce and Daniel in the Fallen Series. Daniel and his friends were fallen angels, except for Luce, who would die everytime Daniel and Luce shared a moment. This was an endless cycle until she was born as Lucinda Price and soon everyone who knew her real identity discovered that this was Daniel and Luce’s last time together. If Luce died she would not be reincarnated. So, in Rapture, Luce finds a way to break their curse but in that process they lose some of their dear friends.

7. The Great Gatsby

I will not elaborate on this tale because I suppose everyone knows this famous story of Gatsby and Daisy. However, I will only give you the excerpt that I hold very dear to my heart.

“so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

I highly recommend you get a copy of these books if you haven’t read them because I promise that you will not be disappointed.

By Jane

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