broke but i made stickers to look aesthetic

Currently my favourite Youtuber is Linh Truong and her aesthetics and videos are sooo good. In one of her videos I saw she had stickers on her iPad. I own an iPad Air 4th gen and I never considered decorating it. I just put on an average cover. But when I saw her iPad it looked so cool.

So I hopped onto Pinterest and chose a few print stickers. I had made stickers before to decorate my laptop so I just followed the same method. Here’s my Pinterest board for print stickers.

I’m not too sure of what the theme may be but its an amalgamation of anime characters, food, quotes and plants.


  • A4 size sticker paper (I got mine for 10rs per sheet)
  • Scissors
  • Sticker designs
  • Printer (or you could get them printed out from a store)

The process is self-explanatory. You just need to print the designs on the sticker paper. Cut them out and before sticking them, arrange them on the surface to see which sticker should go where. Once you have a vision of the entire surface design, go ahead and stick them.


iPad stickers

I didn’t want to decorate the front part so I left it as is and I decorated the backside. Tbh, it looks really good. It barely took 5 mins to decorate the entire thing. The only time you will need to spend is on selecting the stickers. Pinterest actually has a good collection.

Thanks you for enjoying this post. I will see y’all soon.

By Jane

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