Kolkata’s Bohemian Themed Sky Cafe

A Bohemian themed cafe, located at 4 different locations managed by the Aditya Groups, Boho the Sky Cafe has been spreading its wings in West Bengal for a long time. Salt Lake is the new location included in the mix of Dum Dum, Madhyamgram and Garia. It is a rooftop cafe with chic decor and delicious food at affordable prices. 

Boho the Sky Cafe (via Whats Hot)

My friend and I visited this cafe (Garia outlet) for a celebration and we saw one of the instagram food bloggers rave about it. The reel itself was enough to convince us that the food would be amazing.

The cafe has a wide variety of dishes from various cuisines, like Italian, Mexican, Indian, and Chinese. We had ordered the Buffalo Wings, the Pizza Margherita, and two drinks – Sunset of Boho and Blueberry and Basil Mojito.  

Buffalo Wings

Presentation of each dish and drink was excellent. The buffalo wings were presented – suspended on a vertical skewer with a small dish of salsa on the side. The wings were moist and the sauce on them was a mixture of sweet, tangy and spicy with the added freshness of the salsa dip. 

The most interesting thing that I came across in this place is that they serve the margherita pizza with a tomato slice on each slice. It tasted pretty average and nothing remarkable at the same time. I was not pleased with how it tasted. The crust was the only good component of that pizza. 

Sunset of Boho and Blueberry Mojito

The drinks were a visual delight. The sunset of boho is a blend of lychee juice, grenadine and blue curaçao syrup. While the blueberry mojito is a virgin mojito flavoured with blueberry. Both drinks were delicious, however, I did find the mojito to have a taste similar to a cough syrup (but that maybe me having a many cough syrups that were berry flavoured). 

The staff and the service provided by the cafe was also very good. The staff were polite and made sure we didn’t have to wait too long for our food. Our food had arrived within 10-15 mins, but the drinks took quite some time to make it to our table. The only thing that bothered me was the AC was not functioning properly. 

Boho the Sky Cafe

We visited the place around the time they just opened. It was bright and sunny outside hence the vibes of the place was very comfortable in the shaded area. The decor was chic and edgy and the rooftop area was filled with plants which is an added plus for me (I’m a resident plant lover although I only own two plants xp). The place was not very crowded during lunch time which is why it didn’t feel stuffy in the shaded area. 

For anyone travelling a long distance to visit this bohemian themed cafe, need not worry about transport unavailability at all. The cafe is located right beside the Kavi Nazrul Metro station. However, you will need a little assistance to find your way into the cafe, in the building it is located. 

Boho the Sky Cafe

Overall I pretty much enjoyed my experience in this cafe. Highly recommend it to you all as the place is not only good for insta worthy pictures but also for the elaborate and exquisite dishes and drinks collection they hold. If you ever visit this cafe, I would recommend you to get the buffalo wings and the sunset of boho drink. I would rate this cafe a 4 out of 5 stars. 

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