“step by step day by day

Hey everyone, this is Esha Jane, the author/editor of this blog. I wanted to introduce myself somewhere, mostly because I barely meet new people, so here I am trying to meet new people who also think I am pretty good at what I do.

So, I am an 18 year old teenager trying to make it in the social media world. I love cooking and I recently discovered that I am pretty average at drawing (mostly by doing my bullet journal spreads). I won’t say I’m ‘weird’ because I believe nowadays, most teenagers overuse this word. However, I’m way into rock music, especially Panic! at the Disco, The Score, My Chemical Romance, etc, and I like Disney movies. An unusual combination but hey, no one’s judging.

Most of you may know that I had Youtube channel and you may be wondering why I started this blog. Well, last November I was going to film a sandwich video but then my camera just stopped working. I thought maybe it was my battery that stopped working but fast forward to December my dad bought me a new battery, and it still didn’t work. So here I am writing this blog, converting my Youtube channel to a blog.

I hope you like my work here. I will try to post whenever I can because I’m trying to manage college and a part-time job. Wish me luck!

Oh! and you can also follow me on my instagram (@eshajanegomes) I also post food reels there.


And that’s all about me. Byee!

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